4 years waiting!

foggy morning magnoliaWhen I look at this series of recent images, and this image specifically, to me at least, it seems to evoke ever lasting hope and serenity. In particular the rays of light, as they pierce the canopy of our magnolia tree, at the start of an early foggy morning. Struggling poet that I am!

This shot was 4 years in the making. I originally saw this event that long ago, and my original results at capturing it were sad at best! In my naivete, I thought not too worry, that the event would occur again and often.  Yet dear old Mother Nature had other ideas. Lots of foggy mornings since, but never the right sun light! So I waited and hoped, and waited some more! 4 years in fact, by this time forgetting all about the event! So imagine my blubbering excitement when, out with the dog one morning, it suddenly started occurring again! Holy sunlight Batman!

Must have been really funny for my wife, watching as I ran around “headless chicken” like, desperately trying to get my gear together, in the hopes that I could capture it before it vanished for another 4 years!

It was definitely worth the wait… and obviously Mother knows best!  For me, I hope that the rays signify “rays of hope” for the future, and a chance to get back to some normality!

Processed entirely in LR4.



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