cecie_new-3Today’s post started off as one of reflective, but as time has continued it’s march, it has become more about inspiration and how it can comes form the smallest things. One Monday I received a care package from the good folks at Lensbaby, some new equipment to experiment with, with a view to further collaboration in the future. So from this small box came trepidation and excitement – all at the same time.

I have been studying their equipment for quite some time, and have thought that there might be synergy between their lenses and the images I am drawn to. Well just a few minutes in and I am finding all sorts of connections left, right and centre. From here I became energized and wanting to experiment further, so sent some feelers out to good friends, who agreed to help me experiment on a live person. Totally inspired this is one of the many results. Grateful thanks to Ms C, for her infectious inspiration and sense of fun! This was taken with a D3, the Edge80 and processed in LR4.

Ms Cavin you were missed, hope your car feels better soon!!


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