…working for you!
bugattiRecently reconnected with some old school friends, one of whom just happens to be an excellent wedding photographer (Gill Jones, check her work out!).

We decided to collaborate on something recently and during the process, I had a Hommer Simpson moment! Doh! Slap head multiple times! Thanks Gill!!!!!

I came across something new in my processing workflow, by accident, that really has helped elevate some of my images, profoundly. It was really something small, yet the results were amazing! So today’s point really is getting an intimate understanding of your processing software!

As photographers, we spend countless hours getting to know our cameras, yet since processing is so much of the digital age of photography, so we should equally spend the same effort getting to know the processing software. The upshot from the moment was… learn to utilize the latest technology to YOUR advantage, resulting in getting the most out of your images. It won’t make up for bad technique or focus, but is certainly will reward you if you got it right!

Today’s image was taken last year at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, at their hosting of the Concours d ‘Elegance. Reprocessed LR4 plus minor PSCS6.


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