Returning Home


scout-3After a decade away from the mountains, castles and mysterious tales of dragons – I return home to find something odd, yes even after an intro like that I find something odd! OMG… Everything has stayed the same! Or so it seems initially – yet obviously on closer inspection, there are subtle changes all over the place.

There is one major difference for me though, now I have a camera close at hand, something I didn’t have when I left all those moons ago! This is giving me a completely different dimension to my return.

I feel it also the time to renew my personal ramblings on my photographic adventures!

It almost feels like being in a Candy Store, or Sweet Shop over here, for the very first time and being completed overwhelmed. Wales is known as ‘God’ s Country’, and you do get a sense of where this term comes from. Seeing how precise the landscape contours are, how intoxicating the drama of the weather can be, with it’s frequency of change! Wow listen to me! All I ever used to do was complain about the weather… go figure! LOL!

Looks like this might get serious! Hahaaha

Here is a quick example of my new locale… this shot, taken from my new digs, is of clouds being drawn down the valley behind the trees, creating a very mesmerizing spectacle. Although this is a straight forward shot, the scope for experimentation appears endless – so watch out for new explorations soon!

This shots is hand held, D800, 80-400 @F 11, processed in LR.

Oh by the way new look too!!! FAB!



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