Getting Out of Your Own Way

letterboxDon’t you hate it when you realise how stupid you have been, by not doing something you know you should have done, ages before. Or worse, said that you would, and never got round to it. Only to find : a) it took no time at all to do( you also kept telling yourself  “it would be so much trouble”) b) the results are fantastic!!! Now move straight to slapping yourself on the forehead multiple times! Each time uttering the immortal phrase from Homer (Simpson that is) “DOH!!!!!!!

So what did I wait so long to do – Back Button Focusing! This is when you take the function of focusing the lens, away from the shutter button. No more half pressing the shutter button to focus! Reassigning it to a button on the back of the camera AF-L, that you access via your thumb. This coupled with changing the way the camera locks focus internally, AF-C, leads to incredible results. Sounds complicated but really isn’t, the results are totally stunning.

So to try it out in the field. Took my difficult to get crisp images hand held, bear of a lens 80-400mm, mark I for a test drive.  The results are amazing, truly amazing! DOH! It does take and will take a while to become second nature (I’m not there yet!), but the results are well worth the efforts. By doing so it allows you to concentrate more on the moment, and less on the process! Very liberating, now this doesn’t mean that the tripod starts collecting dust, but it will help with those other off the cuff hand-held times!

Try it for your self, you will be amazed.

Now I shoot with Nikon, so it seemed fairly easy to set up on their system. Am pretty sure that it would be the same for Canon too. Drop me a line, if you need help with directions to set this up for your Nikon. walking


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