The Awakening

capeMay2009Well as a certain blockbuster francaise returns to a galaxy near you, it got me thinking –  maybe I really should get back to blogging again! These last couple of years, as the few previous posts will confirm, have been a touch taxing on a personal level.

Yet onward and upward as they say! Now managing to reconnect with old friends and forgotten locations has brought me to a much calmer place. So with that said, it has “awakened” a forgotten need to share some of my latest adventures in Photo-land!

This last six months I have been going through my catalog of images, re-categorising them, and in a lot of cases, even reprocessing them with the latest Lightroom technology. By doing so, it has reacquainted me with old friends and welcomed hidden new ones.

The accompanying image is prime example, taken in 2009 in Cape May, NJ. It was just sitting in it’s folder, minding its own business, but not really making the grade. Partly, because I am not a big sunset person, yet, after reviewing, then reassessing and finally reprocessing, this new version has a lot more merit… I hope you agree.

So what does this mean, never throw any of your images away. Well no, there are sound reasons for culling images. They didn’t work compositionally, are out of focus (not in a creative way), or maybe technically flawed in some way. The obvious one would be heavily over exposed.  I have thrown away literally thousands of images, whether after the shoot, or sometimes much later, all for sound reasons. The reason this one sat there was there, was I felt something there, not sure what it was but something, just needed a little space between taking the image and processing or in this case reprocessing.

We can be a little invested in recent work to evaluate images sometimes, so with that said – hard drive space is very cheap at the moment, so be careful what you throw away. If something speaks to you but your not sure why, keep it. Go back and review your images every once in a while, you never know when something might reignite you from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!


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