So many things in our lives are now connected, whether we want them to be or not! Some of these we even go out of our way to connect to, like facebook or twitter. Yet sometimes, the harder we try to connect and network, the further away our goals can seem.

So I have had a dream about photographing something for a long while, and having the Dickens of a time getting the thing to run. Well low and behold, by doing a favour of taking some pics for a new friend several months ago, helping them out with their new venture! – it looks like it may now help with mine… go figure!!!

Moral… keep moving forward, even if it feels like an millimetre at a time. Don’t be afraid to help someone out if you can, that action can help keep your momentum going in the right direction. Don’t feel the need for a reward, do it because it is the right thing to do and because you can!

Then maybe, when you least expect it, something magical will happen. Try not to become jaded and give up, no one ever gets anything without hard work, even when it may feel impossible.


Will keep you in formed as to the progress of my next adventure, but in the meantime, back to that galaxy far, far away – “do or do not, there is no try”

Don’t think Yoda was talking about rugby but you never know!!


Today’s image is a photoshop special – while in St Pancras Station in London recently, shot this statue of the great British poet Sir John Betjeman. Wanted to give more of a sense of what the sculpture was giving me. Hope you like it.

Keep snapping!!!


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